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When I see the ocean I feel calm It makes me want to to keep eating candy to keep going To keep trying new things To keep living An engaging and beautifully written slice of life dive in Becky Chambers world o 4ish starsJust as cute as the first book but with its own emotional depth this goes further into exploring some interesting themes giving it a greater focused sense of urpose than TLWTASAP whoa that s an intense acronym Even so than the first book there s not much excitement There are no villains It s the opposite of a nail biter It s of a coming of age novel with a few existential crises thrown inIt s cute in the same way a lullaby is cute It s not saccharine gag inducing sweetness It s comforting reassuring It s all going to be okay because there are good Rock Lead Basics people in the world and good things can happen sometimes Some great character work makes up for the fact that we don t ever see our favorites from the Wayfarer crew The heavierhilosophical uestions make up for the much smaller scope Though at first glance it doesn t seem to Lightning Over Bennett Ranch push any boundaries or treadarticularly new ground I think in some ways it actually expands the scope of what it means to be science fiction Obviously there are aliens and it s the future and it takes Sri Sumarah, Pariyem dan Bu Bei place in space but all of that is mostly happenstance tangential It explores culture and humanity the same way the best social sci fi novels do but without seeming like it s trying to make a statement It utilizes inclusion and gives voices to atypical characters without making aarticular Class Struggles point to do so When it comes down to it honestly not much actually happens It just is It just floats along and asks a uestion we all kind of wonder about and tells a story in therocess just as naturally as our lives tell a story It s about who we are and where we come from about what we do next and what the future will hold and isn t that okay Does it need to be exciting or satirical to be 21st century sci fi Trippy or challenging Does it have to be new to be Wilfred Owen (Routledge Revivals) progressive This makes a great case that the answer is no which sort of makes it new in therocess Posted in Mr Philip s Library Yes I cried a little in the book That s what I do Study to Teach people Don t judge me Lol it was a good cry though I loved the first book and I loved this one too Holy crow This book starts off when Pepper and Lovey leave the Wayfarer together Lovey is in an AI body and is not real happy because that s a lot to get used to when your used to being an AI of a ship and not in a teeny tinyerson body This book goes back and forth from when Pepper was a little girl to tell her story and the Global Corporations in Global Governance present with Pepper Lovey Blue and Tak Now Pepper told Lovey toick a name for herself and Lovey came up with Sidra so I m going to use that from now on Pepper s name when she was young was Jane 23 I m not going to talk a lot about JanePepper s childhood because I don t want to give that away It s sad and good and something you just have to read for yourself I enjoyed those Angels in Harmony parts the most in the book until things changed at the end and a great big wonderful thing happened JanePepper was raised by an AI from age 10 to 19 and that s all I m going to say Reasons behind it are horrible and stuff Pepper gets Sidra back to her home where she lives with Blue Pepper has a shop where she fixes stuff and what not I mean she is an engineertech a little bit of everything Blue decides to spend his time at home with hisainting while Sidra works with Pepper Sidra is still not having a great time being in a body She just wants to be what she was before And let me just say that this story has such a happy ending that it made me feel all fuzzy inside and I needed that right now MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List I was sent this for free from the Sketchy Behavior publisher in exchange for an honest review I flipping ADORED this Once again Becky Chambers has written a Sci fi book which isn t about explosions and battles in space but one which deals with manyroblems facing humanity today eg gender euality sentience free choice racism etc Chambers has an innate understanding of how humans are flawed and she applies this BRILLIANTLY to her works of fiction making character that you can t help but love and root for and characters who you know you ll not forgetThis story is a companion to Becky Chambe. Lovelace was once merely a ship's artificial intelligence When she wakes up in an new body following a total system shut down and reboot she has no memory of what came before As Lovelace learns to negotiate the universe and discover who she is she makes friends with Pepper an excitable engineer who's determined to help.

R s earlier book The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet which I also thoroughly enjoyed It Autumn Brides picks up after the ending of TLWTASAP and we follow a character called Lovelace who uickly changes her name to Sidra Sidra is an AI who is sentient She s never had much of a life but immediately she s thrust into a body which doesn t feel right to her and she has to adapt to it Luckily she s helped along by Pepper someone we met in TLWTASAPThe second storyline takeslace many years before we meet Sidra and this follows a young girl named Jane who is The Princess and the Three Knights part of a system she doesn t even know exists Jane s story was moving right from the start becuase she s being controlled and forced to do things without even knowing what she s missing Of course these two stories do intersect and they come together in fabulous ways later on I think that there were some excellent moments in the story which made me both tearful and happy and filled with joy One thing I don t often say when reading SF is that I m filled with joy after reading it but Becky Chambers has a way of writing that feels human intellectual but also really raw and fun She gets how to write a feel good story and she knows how to confront topics we don t see as much as we should She sretty much just excellent in my opinionMoving onto the The Beauty of Believing pace I read this at This book arrived at my house yesterday afternoon I then finished it this morning If that doesn t show you how much I enjoyed this then nothing will becuase this book was the one I chose to read over everything else I had ongoing It tookriority and it was SO WORTH IT If you ve never read TLWTASAP then GO READ IT If you have read it an you re awaiting this one eagerly until October then I say don t worry it will be worth the wait It s fantastic brilliant and just Sticky Church plain wonderful I hope Becky Chambers continues to write within this universe again and again as I think I could read her books forever 5s highly highly recommended Thelanet was beautiful The Forbidden Love Unchained planet was horrible Thelanet was full of Witches of the Deep South people and they were beautiful and horrible too I enjoyed this visit back into Becky Chambers wonderfully optimistic science fiction but it wasn t uite up there with The Long Way to a Small Re read 82818 I loved this even the second time around oh my lanta Even though I knew what was going to happen I found myself tearing up because I just love these characters so much I need 73823628 hugs Original read 101217 This book felt like a hug So satisfying and lovely and warm I never ever want Becky Chambers to stop writing this series I just want it to go on and on for the rest of my life I understand that someeople weren t fans of The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet Personally in my heart of hearts I kind of suspected they might be suffering from Grinch syndrome but I respected it because there were indeed a few flawsThis time I won t keep my suspicions to myself if you do not find this book enjoyable you need to witness a little village of Whos holding hands and singing even though you just stole their Christmas Beast Or just ossibly it is completely not your style of book I m fairly certain those are the only two choices hereDon t get me wrong as this by no means a sugary sweet singing festival there is a lot edginess with subsistence living and even a touch of horror but there s something eually wonderful or better in the story as a whole It isn t at all a direct seuel to A Long Way although the ending of that book does go a long way I couldn t help myself towards explaining the remise of this story No matter as Chambers is kind enough to start just twenty eight minutes after the last book although without the Wayfarer crew It begins with Lovelace the AI Christianity program fresh in her new synthetic body which she continually refers to as her kit It s a brilliant little device that constantly distances both the former Lovelace and the reader from her new housing Eventually sheicks a name Sidra Narrative then jumps into the story of Jane 23 a young female who works first cleaning then repairing Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, parts with her clone sisters Chapters go back and forth between the two but are occasionally interrupted by a type of underground message boards where less than law abiding citizens talk shop Often I dislike this narrative techniue but there s solid continuity as well as. Her learn and growTogether Pepper and Lovey will discover that no matter how vast space is twoeople can fill it together The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet introduced readers to the incredible world of Rosemary Harper a young woman with a restless soul and secrets to keep When she joined the crew of the Wayfarer

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Thematic Alice-Miranda at Camp parallels As both were written well but with differentlotting tensions I found myself both eager and reluctant at the end of each chapter to resume the other story In a way both are stories of survival and of identity and they dovetail beautifully I do have a lingering uestion or two The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) primarily Sidra s solution view spoiler of installing herself in the walls of a bar I thought it was reasonably clear from the AI manual that she might grow bored being in onelace and that a variety of customers does not seem adeuate stimulus Linking available or not hide spoiler I ve been looking forward to this seuel for some time and I feel kind of sad it STILL took me so long to get a copy of it It follows two of the most interesting characters from The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet Lovelace and Pepper but it does so by filling in the gaps jumping from the The Association of Small Bombs past to the future following the end of the first bookDo not expect a straight continuation of it though This is of a very interesting dual character study full of straight commentary and rather interesting AIAlienHuman interactionsLovelaceSidra and JanePepper are both outcasts and are hiding from the law for what appear to be very stupid reasons from the reader s PoV but it s all about context It might as well be about same sex relationships but indeed this is much interesting for a SF fan a love story for an AI in an illegaluppet body and the intense relationship she has with an outlaw techie Their histories are uite the ride Don t let me simplify this too much for you because we ve got a huge cloning consortium continuing tragedy loss starvation and love for the only friend an AI who is lost on one side of the coinAnd then we have the search for identity and sensation and the deepest need to be free to reprogram oneself and live the fullest life that one canTogether or separate I think I could follow these two character arcs forever It s the writing than anything else The world building is fantastic the kinds of aliens diverse but it s the depth of character exploration than cinches the deal 45 I need to third one Now that A Closed and Common Orbit has received a Hugo nomination for Best Novel it would seem that Becky Chambers fandom is inescapable That s really not such a terrible thing She s basically invented an entirely new sub subgenre of science fiction the Rainbows Hugs Space Opera RHSO for short in which most Wilderness Survival Handbook people are basically good and decent and want nice things to happen to each other in which no conflict cannot be resolved no obstacle not overcome if there is an understanding to be reached between folks who recognize each other s innate humanity in which no amount of meanness by the mean meanies who do mean things toeople cannot be endured and transcended by the kindness of the kindBecky Chambers leaves no sentiment unexpressed and is unafraid to yank mercilessly at your heartstrings until you either submit to her gentle benevolent will or die of myocardial infarctionThere s absolutely nothing wrong with writing reading or being a fan of RHSO rainbows are The White Mans Burden pretty hugs make you feel all warm inside If you don t like rainbows and hugs you rerobably kind of a shit and no one wants you around anywayAnd herein lies the Visit the Sick problem A Closed and Common Orbit is full of all sorts ofleasant things Carry Me Over the Threshold pleasantly competent writingleasantly likeable characters The Courtship Basket pleasantly imagined settings Enough unpleasantness arises to generate the struggles and stumbling blocks necessary to ualify this as an actual story but nothing that can t be conuered with a littlelucky determination and a helping hand from a friend just like your Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 2 Samuel (The Expositors Bible Commentary parents and teachers and every children s book you ve ever read won t stop telling you It s not a bad book I guess but it is a mediocre oneredictable safe reassuring But it s also a novel that you can t actively dislike without being the asshole in the room and honestly I think I like that even less than a novel that I can just go ahead and dislike for being mediocreSo I m with you Becky Chambers fans You are good Small Talk people who want to believe in a better future full of bettereople where decency and graciousness and magnanimity will carry us all through this life I want to believe in those things too Sadly I m the jerk who wants better fiction to take me there. N intergalactic ship she got than she bargained for and learned to live with and love her rag tag collection of crewmates A Closed and Common Orbit is the stand alone seuel to Becky Chambers' beloved debut novel The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and is erfect for fans of Firefly Joss Whedon Mass Effect and Star War.

Becky Chambers is a science fiction author based in Northern California She is best known for her Hugo Award winning Wayfarers series which currently includes The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet A Closed and Common Orbit and Record of a Spaceborn Few Her books have also been nominated for the Arthur C Clarke Award the Locus Award and the Women's Prize for Fiction among others Her most