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Aughter Tania It is a delightful take on the life of Shakespeare s life as a young ma. Is explicitly about Shakespeare or Stratford neither name is used although the characters are called Will and Anne and so on There is no eal attempt to disguise the identity of the callow impulsive flowery languaged young man with an articulate impudent tongueThe audience can lend itself to a ousing tale involving vivid believable characters in a provocative basic situation and interesting and ultimately poignant circumstance.

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Y was given by my mentor and choreographer George Felker upon the birth of my first Ins Despite his love for his wife he was a dallyer with the town tarts a carefree worker at his father's trade and an occasional companion of poachers on the local estates But when a troupe of itinerant actors arrived and he heard the flowery poetry of the stage it was the siren cry of players in his ears and he determined to be himself thereafter even though it meant life away from home family comfort and securityNone of this.

Kindle Ebook A Cry of Players –

The story of what happened to Shakespeare before he left Stratford My hard back cop. As described in Variety is of Shakespeare's life as a young man in Stratford Since only fragments of the poet's life are actually known A CRY OF PLAYERS is Gibson's fictionalized creation perhaps based on published conjecture The point is it provides superb theatre Gibson presents young Will as the high spirited strong willed esponsible husband of the eight years older Anne and father of the moppet Susanna and ecently born tw.

See this thread for informationWilliam Gibson was a Tony Award winning American playwright and novelist He graduated from the City College of New York in 1938Gibson's most famous play is The Miracle Worker 1959 the story of Helen Keller's childhood education which won him the Tony Award for Best Play after he adapted it from his original 1957 telefilm script He adapted the work again for the 1962 film version receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay; the same actresses who previously had won Tony Awards for their performances in the stage version Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke received Academy Awards for the film version as well