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Lievable even as cardboard cutouts there was no play with time travel fun which was the main reason I kept reading what kind of time travel doesn t include some kind of twisty element The one positive I like this world s vampire lorehistory A time travel story with s twist set in 1999 Dallas and Utah 1896 England and a dying Earth in 2599 this excellent novel is probably not as good as some of Grand Master Aldiss earlier works but I recommend it for the blend of horror and fantasy I chose this Brian W Aldiss story as my Halloween read this year Yes I started it before Halloween and just finished it That s a reflection of the wee amount of reading time I have these days than it is of the book Even so the book did not wow me It should have wowed me Dracula Time travel Hadrosaurs and pterodactyls Weird alien races A super weapon Bram Stoker being a bit creepy and weird Narrow escapes Close calls In other words there was plenty here to make for a rip roaring bit of escapist fiction Except it didn tMaybe it was the characters With the exception of Bram Stoker and a lunatic they were mostly flat That includes Dracula himselfNone of the characters ever seemed to really react in any plausible way to all the weird stuff happening to them They almost seemed to take in stride things that should have driven them bat shitSo while it was entertaining enough to keep me going it was ltimately a disappointmentI think I would have liked this better if Aldiss had handed the idea to Stephen King So this is a very cheesy dumb book from the prehistoric period of scifi But It s not all bad Unless you want realistic depictions of women that are a bit than blood sucking vampire bitch in which case sorry The horrifying future the version of vampirism and the first half of the plot are all The Year of the Beast uite good The writing is a bit wooden and clunky at some points but it s short enough that this is a forgivable sin Time Travelling DraculaAn interesting twist to the story of Dracula The combination of a time travelling trainsed by Dracula and other Undead to enslave mankind with the writer who created Dracula and the scien. Ty beings Back in the brilliant Utah sunlight of 1999 two ancient graves yield evidence that a species of human coexisted with the dinosaurs Lin.

Very InterestingIt started slow and wordy but slowly built The Billionaires Bidding upA fun readAs mentioned in previous reviews it does read like a screenplay More development would have been appreciated First read Having noted his passing I wanted to read something by Aldiss who I hadn t read since my youth and bought this ebook title familiar but not read before Perhaps I could have chosen better It felt poirly constructed much older than its copyright date not in a positive sense and I couldn t say I either admired or enjoyed it I waded through it Back to my current Dickens A snippet of the review from The Guardian Whatever else Aldiss may be predictable he is notWell it s easy to benpredictable when your characters don t act like people when no one reacts the way a logical person reacts when the characters do what they do because that s what the plot needs them to A ghost train whisks by without any explanation obviously the next course of action is to try to board it without any preliminary investigation Let s bring the newlywed couple who are about to go on their honeymoon to this archaeological dig that they really don t have any interest in seems reasonable That newlywed couple will then spend the whole book fighting but their fights are crazy inconsistent and they flip flop which side they re on each argument Several horrific things happen and the characters just brush it off gotta move on to the next scene Keep the plot moving guys The plot moves so The Bride In Law uickly from scene to scene there s no opportunity for anything that happens to really settle to have any impact and the progression makes absolutely no sense And since the characters aren t feeling anything the reader can t either And for a story about time travel not a lot of play is done with the time travel element Time may be wibbly wobbly but it s not in Aldiss s story The plot goes from A to B to C and so on M to Nback to M but not farther to N to O to P to Oto P to etc If I finish a book Isually give at least 2 stars 3 generally means this was a book that was fine But I just can t give this than 1 star The story was drab the characters were nbe. In the barren dust of the far future the sun leaks energy in a darkening sky and the only remaining humans are imprisoned by spectral bloodthirs.

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Tist who discovers time travel joining forces to defeat the vampires The story is good but the jumps to different times in the same chapter are at first a little difficult to to piece together After reading a few chapters it is easier to maintain a perspective on the storylines Further on the action and previous background make it really easy to follow the timelines and anticipate the next set of character interactions to occur A book worth reading I had meant to read Brian Aldiss for some time now he s one of the great science fiction writers I haven t read So glad I decided to start with Dracula Unbound I sually don t like a story that The Italians Christmas Housekeeper/The Baby The Billionaire Demands/The Innocents Shock Pregnancy/Sheikhs Secret Love-Child (Secret Heirs of Billionaires Book 18) uses science or pseudoscience to explain away the supernatural But Aldiss does it so elouently Dracula s origins powers motivations all with a natural explanation What Aldiss does is make Dracula just as mysterious ju It could be worse I appreciate that the story is hilariously elaborate whereas someone else might ve stuck to the basics for a time traveling vampire hunters story Aldiss threw in feuding archeologists and nuclear waste disposal inventions and ghost trains and three different kinds of vampire and a ruined Earth at the end of time It s just horribly written with characters out of an R rated Tom Swift knockoff Since it s a seuel to a book that Roger Corman made a movie of I suspect this one was meant as of aick treatment for a second movie Like many of s I m fascinated by the figure of the vampire cloaked with sensuality and primal violence Even if I have to admit that I m not a great lover of Stoker s bookThrough the years I d chances to read many books dedicated to vampires some are masterpieces I think about Kalogridis Diaries of the Family Dracul some enjoyable Anita Blake s series some really deplorable only one word sparkling till this book by AldissAldiss here explain an alternative theory about the existence of the anthropomorphic long toothed being but this time is a believable theory with some logics that out of the plot itself I risk this ad hoc theory could be believable even in our realityThe characters are well delineated ev. King these scenarios is impetuous inventor Joe Bodenland who has just created a time machine that manipulates time to disperse of hazardous wast.

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