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Exim s downloadable pdf documentation has the advantage of being uickly computer searchable After being frustrated with this book I turned to the downloadable documentation and found it much useful If you can t or won t run sendmail then IMO your only two real alternatives are postfix and Exim I still believe that sendmail is a better choice but both postfix and Exim are still uite goodIf you decide to run Exim there are few people who could give you a better insight into how the program is configured and how it works internally than the author of the program Phil HazelHowever keep in mind that the book is primarily oriented around version 3 of this program and version 4 with some significant changes has already been produced More information is available at URL This won t replace the official documentation specially since it covers an old outdated version of EXIM but covers Alter Ego enough to be worthwhile as a supplement Still I was rather disappointed that much of what I was trying to do such as set up spam filtering wasn t covered by the book and that I had to go online and read through back mailing list archives and read official documentation to get the job done From any other publisher I wouldn t feel too bad about that but from O Reilly Ixpect better I m reluctant to criticize someone as talented as Philip Hazel who produces such a high uality product distributes it for free. In features such as the followingCompatibility with the calling interfaces and options of Sendmail for which Exim is usually a drop in replacementLookups in LDAP servers MySL and PostgreSL databases and NIS or NIS servicesSupport for many kinds of address parsing including regular xpressions that are compatible with Perl 5Sophisticated rror handlingInnumerable tuning parameters for improving performance and handling normous volumes of mailBest of all Exim.

Exim the MTA would be an appropriate book for someone who does not know anything about mail and suddenly needs to manage a server and EXIM would be a good Unseen City e mail server for this person to use EXIM is the default MTA in Debian and other Unix distributions tooExim the MTA has been writtenntirely Art except for contributed patches by Philip Hazel who continues to maintain it In conclusion if I wasn t already in the habit of setting up mail on new machines that appear within my aegis a habit that once I got the hang of it has reduced the care and feeding of my mail servers to an absolute minimum I might select God Is in the Crowd exim as an MTA to specialize in To restate it s too late for me but save yourself This book was a disappointment While first reading the book I thought it was great However after I tried actually configuring thexim program I realized this book included only superficial Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard examples Any serious configuration reuired an in depth understanding of thexim program far beyond the overview of this book The necessary bits of information are scattered throughout the book Unfortunately these bit were often not referenced in the Index This reuired my reading large sections trying locate a specific bit of information The book s index is weak It often includes references to variables options and features that reuires the specific name of the information being sought to locate In contrast. Exim delivers The Matriarchs (The Family electronic mail both local and remote It has all the virtues of a good postman itsasy to talk to reliable Notes for the Everlost efficient andager to accommodate When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) even the most complex special reuests Its the default mail transport agent installed on some Linux systems runs on many versions of Unix and is suitable for any TCPIP network with any combination of hosts andnd user mail softwareExim is growing in popularity because it is open source scalable and rich.

And spends so much time supporting itHowever this book and the online documentation he provides is No Biggy! extremely difficult to use He admits that he didn t want to write this book and hoped someonelse would have Indeed it would have been better if someone Crush It! else hadThe book contains anxceptional amount of background information on mail protocols and procedures and a lot of detail on Exim itself If I had 5 weeks to read and absorb it all it would be wondersfulFor busy systems administrators using this book is a hard work finding the information needed is slow and then understanding it is difficult Dr Hazel s writing style is terse and rather like a mathematical text There is no fluff in it s 600 pages I find myself reading sentences repeatedly trying to understand them Also the implications of certain information is not made obviousHis lack of realistic Attracting Birds to Your Backyard examples is also a serious short coming He glosses over remote access of mail via POP IMAP and SMTP authenticationven though this is the most common way of accessing mail these days I would specially like to see discussion of an ISP type mail server with multiple domains which is lackingFinally there is lack of reference material in the appendices a short form listing of command options and configuration options would be a great additionWarning this book is for version 3 and version 4 is now available although version 3 is still use. Is asy to configure You never have to deal with ruleset 3 or worry that a misplaced asterisk will cause an inadvertent mail bombWhile a basic configuration is Bird-by-Bird Gardening easy to read and can be created uickly Exims syntax and behavior do get subtle as younter complicated areas like virtual hosting filtering and automatic replies This book is a comprehensive survey that provides uick information for people in a hurry as well as thorough coverage of advanced material.

Ebook Epub Exim: The Mail Transfer Agent – xermadeenfotos.org

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