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Es1 clothing is a fundamental necessity for human life 2 fashion is a fast moving consumer good 3 fashion s relationship with and fundamental dependence upon the body 4 but this physical nature of fashionclothing underpins some of the difficulties of production and5 fashion is both dressadornment and social change linked to its fast moving ness as well as much longer term changesThis analysis takes us well beyond most of the rest of the literature in the areaIn dealing with topics other than production only one chapter of 8 the book is chocked full of interesting ideas and the chapter on children s fashion in particular opens up some the most productive and xciting new issues in the area but the core argument is clear the state of the art with fashion is two fold first we are becoming increasingly casual in our modes of dress and second we need to deal with the issue that fashion is becoming less about what we wear than about whose persona we try to adopt when we wear those clothes that the confluence of the celebrity and the brand is a significant new development in the meaning and making of fashionThe issues Edwards is dealing with are uite dense but his style and fairness towards those with whom he disagrees makes the book if not My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, easy to read accessible andngaging A rare book that is both useful as a teaching text and productive for those of us whose work and research takes us into the field of fashion Highly recommended. Nd fashion the role of celebrity and designer label culture globalisation and the production of fashionFashion in Focus is the ideal companion for students in the arts and social sciences specially those studying issues such as fashion gender sexuality and consumer cultu.

Excelent concepts to understand nowadays fashion 1 Fashion Foundationsp 9 Cultural capital a term formulates and developed by Pierre Bourdieu It refers to the various ways in which those from middle or upper classes or affluent groups may have resources or capital that are not purely monetary such as know how tiuette and skills that they may use to maintain their position whether in matters of appearance presentation dining interacting with others or networking 4 The Woman uestion Fashion Feminism and Fetishismp73 Underpinning much of feminism s critiue of fashion is the problem of sexual objectification or the idea that fashion creates perpetuates or reinforces the positioning of women as sexual objects Sexual objectification in turn depends upon the positioning of women widely not only as objects but also as objects to be looked at by men The visual pleasures offered through narrative cinema for Mulvey are The Baby Album essentially two fold first scopophilia or the voyeuristic pleasure derived through looking and second narcissism or the pleasure developed from recognition and identification7 From Rags to Riches Fashion Productionp120 Fashion production isxploitation the culmination of sweatshops underpaid designers industrial turmoil and now increasingly racialized as well as sexist methods that Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose exist alongside the abuse of child labour Documenting this is hardly necessary we all know it withoutven having the Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., evidence put in front. The study of fashion hasxploded in recent decades yet what this all means or uite where it might take us is not clear This new book helps to bring fashion into focus with a comprehensive guide to the key theories perspectives and developments in the fieldTim Edwards inc.

Of us the interesting uestion is why and perhaps following that why we apparently do not care cease to care or simply don t care Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, enough The answer to this uestion or at least some of it I will argue lies in the idiosyncrasies of fashion itself what defines it as different and what characterises it as uite unlike anythinglse Tim Edwards is rare in fashion analysis he is a sociologist whose work draws on perspectives from critical political Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, economy as well as cultural sociology unlike most others working in the field then he is able to discuss both consumption and production he is also author of thexcellent Contradictions of Consumption In this book he draws on many years of work in the analysis of fashion to give us both a state of the art overview of research in the area as well develop his own theoretical analysis of where we are with the world of fashion and clothing Crucially unlike the vast majority of other work in fashion studies Edwards is able to Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) explore and develop an rigorous understanding of the production of fashion as in Angela McRobbie s words concurrently pre modern modern and post modern and in his words having changed from pre industrial cottage industry to post industrial set of fragments withoutver truly fulfilling the criteria of industrialisation and that this makes the industry itself making and selling distinctive This distinctiveness he argues means that fashion production has five defining featur. Ludes coverage of all the major theories of fashion including recent scholarship alongside subcultural analysis and an in depth look at production Individual topics includemen's fashion masculinity and the suit women's fashion and the role of sexuality children the body

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Download Ebook Fashion in Focus Concepts Practices and Politics –

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