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Ts not an anthology unless I hate one of the stories and this was actually the worst The main characters were vapid and judgemental and their weak idea of feminism displayed a complete ack of understanding Also according to this story girls cant Toffees night noises like sports or nerdy things at all Jewbacca by Lance Rubin 3 starsThis had some high points but overall was just okayEl Al 328 by Dana Schwartz 2 starsI m just not sure I fully understood the point of this one It wasnt overly uniue and the characters were fairly unmemorableSome Days You re the Sidekick Some Days You re the Superhero by Katherine Locke 35 starsThis was a really cute story about two fanfiction writers on a Jewish based fanfic site who dont realize the other identity It was super cuteHe Who Revives the Dead by ELIE LICHTSCHEIN 45This one was aittle slow to start but I ended up Flawed (The Butcher, loving it It s about a young girl who has survived almost drowning to travel to Israel to try to overcome her fear of water It was really powerful especially in how in analyzed fear I also really appreciated its positive and negative debate about modern Israel especially in relation to PalestineBe Brave and All by Laura Silverman 4 starsLoved the anxiety rep in this one as well as the brief commentary on gun violence in America This story did a really good job showcasing the future that kids are going to inherit and how the new celebration of diversity is allowing kids to truly grow and be themselvesNeilah by Hannah Moskowitz 4 starTW MC is dealing with an eating disorderI reallyiked Tina the main character I appreciate the honesty of her character s feelings about her weight her eating disorder and her faith I The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS love how many stories in this collection focus on the many different ways that people can be Jewish Also Tina is dating a girl but is possibly bipan since she had a boyfriend in the pastFind the River by Matthew Roth 3 starsI honestly am not sure I really knowunderstood this story at all There were parts where it seemedike the MC was really into his faith and times where it seemed Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins like he wasn t But it feltike the whole point was the importance of faith so I m just not sure I understood this one However I Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, loved the one character putting the MC in his place when he was being pretentiousAjshara by Adi Alsaid 5 starsThis is my favorite story in the collection It s about a Mexican Jewish boy traveling the world with a group of other kids before starting college He also happens to see dead people It s about the exploration ofife and the history that we Pages From Bee Journal leave behind as humansTwelve Frames by Nova Ren Suma 45 starsThis one was very focused on being yourself and how that can sometimes intersect with your faith I reallyiked the main character Simone and her exploration of her great grandfathers past as well as the Stones of Witness little tidbits about Jewish feminist icons Overall a well constructedittle storyA My Indian Kitchen lot of the stories in this collection emphasis that there is no one way to be Jewish I reallyove that message Publication Date September 17th 2019Thank you to NetGalley the authors and the publisher for this e ARC in exchange for an honest review I m not Jewish Each of these short stories could have told me people who are Jewish drink coffee because it brings them closer to God or some such eually strange nonsense and I would have believed it Thankfully the authors are all Jewish and probably wouldn t be too excited about misrepresenting Jewish people It s a Whole Spiel Love Latkes and Other Jewish Stories is an anthology of fourteen YA short stories by a variety of authors Mayim Bialik wrote the Foreword which I found very exciting This is an engrossing collection of stories While reading I would often forget that this was a Jewish specific anthology until one of the characters would mention it again which I think is kind of the point Jewish teenagers are still teenagers A few stories stood out to me Ajshara by Adi Alsaid was the first fantasy short story with Tzvi being able to see ghosts Ajshara was also a Lots of Mommies little odd for me because it covers such aong period of time a year in such a short space 34 pages on my phone so ike 20 book pages and this gives the story a sort of flying above watching kind of feel Twelve Frames by Nova Ren Suma was also slightly fantasy with one character seeing ghosts I ovedfor the full review please visit An anthology brimming with Fantasy Man love and acceptance It s a Whole Spiel is an affirming and wholesome ownvoices anthology about being Jewish Contains 12 stories about 12 very different Jewish teens their Jewish identities and the diverse ways that they embody being Jewish There are a fantastic range of stories some romantic some aittle sad some that will make you feel fuzzy and some that will make you feel The Flame Of Adventure less alone in the world All of the stories are contemporary but Ioved how different each story was This anthology is pretty identity centric each story explores about identity in its own way and I oved how emotive and heartfelt each journey felt I earned a Divine Magnetic Lands lot from this anthology I don t have any Jewish friends outside of the book community so aot of what the characters talk about was very new to me And I thought it was wonderful It doesn t cater to a non Jewish Frog and the Treasure lens it s unapologetically Jewish which Ioved I The Butterfly Club loved many of the stories but I reallyoved Aftershocks by Rachel Lynn SolomonTriggercontent warning view spoileranti gay rhetoric The Hold alcohol consumption Good Shabbos eating disorder Neilah hide spoile. Eir relationships with Judaism to rom coms with a side of bagels and Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors lox It's a Whole Spiel features one story after another that says yes we are Jewish but we are also ueer and disabled and creative and political and adventurous and anything we want to be You will fall inove with this insightful funny and romantic Jewish anthology from a collection of diverse Jewish autho.

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Epub Books It's a Whole Spiel – xermadeenfotos.org

Only His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, like 112th biased I ve waited for a bookike this for years In all the talks of diverse books I kept Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? looking to find Jewish representation especially with new releases Having scarcely seen any I went off to myocal J.M. Coetzee library to scour the Hebrew shelves which is when my reviews started focusing on those But I m so glad this exists nowSupport this book and try a taste of It s a Whole Spiel through my Affiliateink This review and can be found on my blog I received a digital ARC of this book through Netgalley thanks to Random House Children s Knopf Books for Young Readers in exchange for an honest reviewWhen I first found out about this anthology on Twitter I follow both Katherine Locke and Laura Silverman along with a few of the authors that contributed to this book I almost burst into tears from happiness In all of the books I ve read throughout my Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women life I ve found veryittle Jewish representation and the same can be said for TV shows movies musicals any form of storytelling out there My expectations for Jewish representation are so The Club of Angels low it s gotten to the point where if even one character says one sentence about something Jewish I m happy When I met Becky Albertalliast year at EpicReads Day 2018 I thanked her profusely for putting Judaism and Jewish characters in her books especially in The Upside of Unreuited which if you haven t read yet you absolutely should and explained how much it meant to me She told me that she also grew up reading books with very Blue Skies and Gunfire little Jewish representation in them so it was important to her to put Jewish characters in her books now that she s an author I would haveoved to see a story written by Becky Albertalli in this anthology but I digress My hope has always been that there would be Jewish stories written about Jewish characters by Jewish authors especially in YA and now I am overjoyed that THERE IS A WHOLE BOOK FULL OF THEMApologies for the caps Forced Feminization (The League of Dominant Women lock I am very excited about this bookIoved the majority of the stories in this anthology and I 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 love how diverse every single story was both in terms of the characters Jewish identities and their identities outside of their Judaism I found so many aspects of my personal Judaism represented in this anthology and I couldn t stop smiling as I was reading because I seriously felt SO SEEN I really wanted to give this book five stars but there were a few stories that I didn t personally enjoy as the anthology went on especially towards the end Overall though I think this book is really special and I am so glad that so many Jewish readers are going to see themselves represented in these characters I also hope that readers who aren t Jewish will enjoy this book too andearn a bit about Judaism along the way Shoutout to my favorite stories in no particular orderIndoor Kids by Alex LondonAftershocks by Rachel Lynn SolomonJewbacca by Lance RubinSome Days You re the Sidekick Some Days You re the Superhero by Katherine Locke Seriously is that fanfiction site real I sure as heck hope it is because it sounds absolutely fantasticBe Brave and All by Laura SilvermanThis book comes out just in time for Rosh Hashanah the Jewish new year so be sure to pick up a copy on September 17thPS I wish I could have written a story for this Average Rating 67 I m always Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, looking for anthologies to read because it s a nice way to discover new authors When this collection was first announced I was very excited because it features many authors I follow on social media and enjoy interacting with Despite not knowing much about Judaism as a religion or culture I really had aot of fun reading these stories They are a wonderful exploration of what being Jewish means how there are various expressions of the faith and no one of them is better than the other It s also about community and belonging and I really connected to that aspect of the stories Also the authors don t shy away from using a Born Fighting lot of Hebrew words which would be unfamiliar for non ownvoices readersike me but I Dr. Simon Forman liked it and it gave me an opportunity toook them up and try to get to know about them better Overall this is a nice group of stories about young Jewish kids just finding their way in Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside life Indoor Kids Alex London A cute story about one science nerd and one intense religious artsy kid just getting to know each other during summer camp It was funny geeky and a wholeot of awkward but also a A Wartime Nurse lovely beginning to the anthology Rating 5 Two Truths and an Oy Dahlia Adler Mali is a Modern Orthodox Jew at the orientation for NYU and she is pretty excited to start her realife But she also finds it very difficult to socialize with others she meets because they are so different from her faith This is a beautiful story about the importance of community and that it s ok to feel comfortable only with people who relate to your experience Rating The Hold David Levithan A story of first Split love and heartbreak and what all different things being Jewish can mean this one was full of wisdom and heart and made me a bit emotional Rating Aftershocks Rachel Lynn Solomon A sweet story about a non religious girl feeling unsure about meeting the very religious parents of her boyfriend Other than exploring the different spectrums of being Jewish this story also has OCD and anxiety representation and I thought it was done very well Rating Good Shabbos Goldy Moldavsky I don t think I got the point of this story It did have aot of Jewish customs being talked about which I iked and the theme of. Includes a special introduction by Mayim Bialik star of The Big Bang Theory and author of the #1 bestseller Girling UpGet ready to fall in ove experience heartbreak and discover the true meaning of identity in this poignant collection of short stories about Jewish teens including entries by David Levithan Nova Ren Suma and A Jewish boy falls in ove with a fellow counselor.

Best friends wanting to spend time together But there were a couple of things that put me off I also didn t particularly ike the footnotes Rating Jewbecca Lance Rubin This story about a boy feeling The Extra Cadaver Murder like a fake Jew because he doesn t follow the customs was very relatable and uite sweet But the best part was him realizing that it was still ok that he could still be Jewish without knowing everything about the faith Rating El Al 328 Dana Schwartz While I could totally see the terror of being in a flight during severe turbulence and the desperation of a young woman to be kissed atleast once I can t say I really enjoyed this story or even understood the point of it Rating Some days you re the sidekick Somedays you re the superhero Katherine Locke A story about two friends who veost their way a Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 little and are trying to find it again I really enjoyed this one I particularlyoved the nod to fandoms and the way it s all written in the form of a tumblr fic Made me smile a ot Rating He Who Revives the Dead Elie Lichtschein Taking place during a Birthright trip this is the story of a young woman trying to face her fears after her near experience with death It has a great hopeful message which I enjoyed I oved the descriptions of the places in Israel that the group visits and I was intrigued to Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society listen to the discussions they had about the occupation Rating Be Brave and All Laura Silverman The tale of two introverts who meet during a convention in DC and decide to be brave and step out of their comfort zone to be part of a greater cause Their whole anxiety about being social and among crowds felt totally relatable Rating Neilah Hannah Moskowitz With a very painful but sensitive representation of an eating disorder this is a story of a college girl trying to find her place in the world where she has always felt the need to be smaller It s about finally accepting that she can occupy the space that is hers and just be herself Very beautifully written Rating 5 From the River Matthue Roth This story confused me aot and the whole idea of fifteen year olds contemplating becoming Orthodox because they feel everything else is just superficial felt very weird to me Not my kind of story Rating 5 Ajshara Adi Alsaid The only paranormal story in this collection it s about a young man who can communicate with ghosts And it s a nice coming of age story of him accepting his ability and understanding some inherent truths about himself and moving ahead in his Um Fogo Eterno life Rating 5 Twelve Frames Nova Ren Suma A story about identity and roots this one follows a young girl who just wants toive her Lawn Boy Returns life true to herself not conforming to any societal standards despite facing aot of opposition to her choices Another interesting coming of age story Rating 5 i m just finding out about this but yall don t know how important this is to me Oh this was so so so good And so needed As someone who went to Jewish day school and was a part of youth group etc I WISH this anthology existed for me as a teen As a Jewish adult I Yolandas Genius loved it so much too Thank you Katherine and Laura I m so happy and honored to have a story in this collection about a Modern Orthodox girl named Amalia who s suffering major culture shock at the transition from her insular world during college orientation But there s a great amount of variety in here including a story that made me cryike whoa by Hannah Moskowitz a story that brought back so many fun memories for me by Goldy Moldavsky and a story that makes such great use of social media I didn t even have as a teen by Katherine Locke and I know not every Jewish person will find themselves in here but I sure hope a The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty lot will and that readers who aren t will still find stuff toove 3 Average rating 36Overall this collection was really good The rating would have been much higher if only one or two stories had not been included but otherwise I think its a really strong collection Its a really awesome anthology for the Jewish members of the YA reader base I would The Light Beyond the Forest like to mention that I am not personally Jewish and therefore cannot review these stories on an Own Voices perspective However I do think it is worth mentioning that I have Jewish members of my family whom I am very close to and because of that I do have aot of knowledge about Judaism and Jewish cultureIndividual ratingsIndoor Kids by Alex London 4 starsSuch a cute story about a gay Jewish boy who The First Mistake loves space and is crushing on a fellow Jewish counselor I m uickly falling inove with Alex London s writingTwo Truths and an Oy by Dahlia Adler 4 starsA nice Jewelry Making For Beginners little story about a soon to be college freshmanooking to escape the Jewish centric ife she s always ed Only for her to realize through the horror of being a college freshman that it s nice to have a community to belong to and be proud of when you re so out of your elementThe Hold by David Levithan 5 strarsI started out not The Penguin Book of English Verse liking this one because its autobiography stream of conscious but I ended upoving it It Seven Secrets of Happiness looks at the intersection of religion and sexuality and how comforting it can be to belong to both and take pride in both halves of your identityAftershocks by Rachel Lynn Solomon 4This was so cute Aaron and Miri were adorable and funny and I was hardcore rooting for them But also this story examines that there is than one way to be Jewish and how different practices andevels of commitment don t make one person any The Killer Cats Birthday Bash (The Killer Cat, less a follower of JudaismGood Shabbos Goldy Moldavsky 1 starObviously At summer camp A group of Jewish friends take the trip of aifetime A girl meets her new boyfriend's family over Shabbat dinner Two best friends put their friendship to the test over the course of a Friday night A Jewish girl feels pressure to date the only Jewish boy in her grade Hilarious pranks and disaster ensue at a crush's Hanukkah party From stories of confronting th.

Katherine Locke lives and writes in a small town outside Philadelphia where she’s ruled by her feline overlords and her addiction to chai lattes She writes about that which she cannot do ballet magic and time travel She secretly believes all stories are fairytales in disguise Her YA debut THE GIRL WITH THE RED BALLOON arrives September 2017 from Albert Whitman & Comapny

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