Free book Little Miss and the Law by Loki Renard –

Th a tie that made her ook somewhere between the school girl she most definitely wasn’t and the executive Mackenzie guessed she probably was'Stephanie is a soon to be out of work journalist close to a meltdown of ma.

Jor misbehavior Mackenzie is a strict awyer with a penchant for rescuing damsels in distress When the two meet sparks flyCan Mackenzie curb Stephanie’s bratty ways And importantly can she mend a brat’s broken hear.

Loki Renard Þ 9 Free download

'Did she know how much she ooked The Longevity Diet like aittle girl when she pouted ike that Mackenzie thought probably not as she watched the woman rifling through her handbag crossly She was wearing a stiff starched white shirt wi.

Free book Little Miss and the Law by Loki Renard –

Top 100 USA Today bestselling and #1 bestselling author in multiple categories Loki Renard writes sizzling hot occasionally dark and twisted stories of dominance submission and discipline

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