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Ory was a bit disappointing especially since Moreta was so amazingAnd I don t understand putting together two stories that have nothing to do with one anotherThe Coelura is not a Pern story is completely unrelated scifi and not even good scifi at that the story is confusing and as many other non Pern stories by Anne McCaffrey is slow and difficult to read Nelrika s story is a parallel story to the Moreta one in a novella Nelrika is a practical Lord Holder s daughter but her father does not realise how much she does to keep it going including collecting herbsWhen the plague starts she gets frustrated by her father s selfish attitude about not letting any of their stores to help others despite the fact that they have so much that some is ust being eaten by the tunnel snakes She leaves the hold and it takes weeks for her father to notice She helps in the camp that has the harpers and healers her father won t allow into the hold area She then manages to get to the badly hit Ruatha hold where her foster sister married to the Lord Holder but died in an accident She always wanted to go there and uses her skills to help to sort the hold outThe Coelura is a piece of cloth that is sentient and reflects the moods of its wearer and will rearrange itself into any style you want It was so popular it was nearly killed by over production and selling This is about what happens. Art Nerilka packed up medicines and supplies and sneaked off to aid her peopleHer uest to help wherever she was most needed led her finally to RuathaHold where Lord Alessan was frantically preparing the precious serumneeded for mass inoculations against the dread plagueNerilka had.

When a diplomat to the world where it was created tries to fulfil a promise to get some and how his body heir feels about it Fairly unexceptional The first story concerned a young woman escaping her home during a time of plague and was moderately enjoyable The second was science fiction and tedious Donating straight back to the charity shop Nerilka is one of my all time favourite characters in the world of Pern Unlike Moreta a character who is much famous and has a much bigger book written about her it is Nerilka who triumphes the most She shows amazing courage and determination leaving her home and setting out to do what she can to helpShe is not pretty has no friends and essentially no family She encounters ridicule and scorn from those who know who she is and uestion her motives Weaves in and out of Moreta s story The Coelura 1983 is an unrelated short story Nerilka s story is good Written in a different style from her usual as it s voiced by one of the characters who appear in Moreta weyrwoman of Pern It becomes an interesting and illuminating view of one person s adjustment to lossThe Coelura is a very different story and not connected with Pern You cannot fault the breadth of imagination that has gone into this nor the observations of the desperately formal society the story is mainly set in I think that Anne McCaffrey is the best in all things dragon. Long ago abandoned the hope of marriage and a home of her own Now she found happiness in being useful and appreciated first the Healers and then Alessan made very clear that they were grateful for her helpShe had no idea that her new path would change the course of her life forev.

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Online Read Nerilka's Story The Coelura –

I really liked Nerilka I thought she was a great character but somehow I can t make myself finish this book ust because of the way it s written I think I ve only got about halfway through I feel almost guilty because I really wanted to like it and I ve always wanted to read something by Anne McCaffrey my twin read a lot of her books I actually found this book in an office I had shared with a friend and it was going to be thrown as the department was having a clean out I still want to return it to her but maybe it was left there on purpose I enjoyed this book and really like the fact that Anne McCaffrey often tells the same story but from a different character viewpoint or world She does this with the first story Nerilka s Story and it really helps to flesh the whole world out as well as giving us a different view on the World s events I rated this book three stars because although I enjoyed it it didn t really continue the story very much and also I couldn t connect with the characters as easily as I can do in a much longer novelThe Coelura was interesting and I think I enjoyed that than Nerilka s Story I loved the idea of the Coelura shaping as clothes around your body and reflecting your mood This was a fun little sidestep book to the continuing Pern novels Not too impressed got bored and skipped most of it story wasn t same as what I expected Nerilka s st. Alternate cover edition of ISBN 9780552128179A deadly epidemic was sweeping across Pern Everyone holder and dragonrider alike pitched in to help except Nerilka's father who refused to share Fort Hold's bounty with the other Holds So ashamed of her family and determined to do her


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