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Om this oneThank ou to the publisher via Edelweiss for providing me a copy for review This has is no way influenced my opinion Story Sometimes The Celestial Selenite Scry (The Moon God Trilogy, you have moments inour life where ou feel overwhelmed but in a bad way And sometimes this feeling only gets worse with things that pile up on ou You feel like Americas sewing book you want to flee somewhere far away maybe to a beach But most of the timesou don t run away But Sabrina now Bree ran away She fled to a little island with a beautiful beach and a small town full of nice people But then a hurricane is said to come people evacuate her mother calls her all the time to force her to evacuate too But Bree stays and something beautiful and unexpected happens Oh that was such a cute book I loved the location the kind people and the little drama in this book I enjoyed it a lot Character I love Bree so much she was this animal loving kind and loyal person who helped everyone around her as much as she could Everyone loved her and tried to take her into evacuation with them but she stayed She not only loved her cat she also loved every animal she came across It didn t matter to her which breed of dog which cat how many birds or turtles there were She loved and cared for all of them when the evacuated residents couldn t do it Such a kind heartwarming person is so rare and i would love to know people like that Drew was a handsome guy with a big heart for animals and also really good at helping Bree with her new mission saving the animals He was also a kind person even though sometimes he was also a little bit sassy He made the whole story a lot entertaining Relationships Bree fled from a relationship where her boyfriend told her that the sexual assault she suffered was nothing and she overreacted She left him and what can I say That was absolutely the right decision I loved that even though so many people told her she was overreacting Bree had her doubts Secret Santa (Bluegrass Brothers, yes but in the end she understood that all these people were wrong That wasn t nothing And when she met Drew and after trusting him she told him what happened and he was supportive of her told her she did the right thing maybe threatened her ex boyfriend and the friend who assaulted her Bree finally f Whew this was Not great I am so sad TW animal abuse sexual assault This was a fun flirty feel good story just what I was expecting from a Meg Cabot book Small town Romance delightful setting witty banter and loads of adorable animalses please Bree has fled to Little Bridge Island a small island off the coast of Florida after a bad break up Little Bridge is just as uaint and uirky as The Workshop you would want from a small town When a category five hurricane is approaching Bree decides to hunker down with the long time residence and ride it out She and her cat Gary find themselves at the home of her boss because her apartment is in a flood area She also finds herself catching feelings for the island heartbreaker Drew can Drew really be all that bad He is an animal lover after all What follows is a fun sweet will they Won t they Romance that had me humming the song Kiss the Girl Not going to lie Gary the cat was the star of this book for me No teeth but all Cattitude Bree and Drew were likable and I enjoyed the back and forth between them There was some serious subject matter in this book and I do believe it was handled very well however I m not sure it was necessary to the book There was a scene in the story that I felt was a bit out of character and I m not certain if I feel good about it or not But I m going to take a cue from the title of this book No Judgment and not judge Love tower Bree and Drew help take care of all the animals that were still on the island after their owners had evacuated This was a good start to what looks like will be a fun small town romance full of lovable characters and cute animalsThis book in emojis Going with 35 stars on this oneNo Judgements is an easy breezy contemporary romance bookThis was a cute book It isn t meant to be any then what it is an entertaining and easy book to escape toI think the setting of being in the Florida Keys is the best part of the book I needed a bit of island time while dealing with the Covid 19 virus and forced to stay insideNo Judgments starts with Sabrina Bree Beckham s life in New York getting upended and blow apart Her father has died her engagement has ended and she s found out shocking information about her familyBree has decided to move down to Little Bridge Island which is in the Florida KeysThe island is nostalgic for her because her family visited everyear when she was a kid She s got a new start loves island living and all her new local friendsBut a hurricane is heading towards Little Bridge Island and she s got to not only navigate the hurricane but all the old issues from her life in New York that s suddenly popping upBree keeps getting thrown into Drew Hartwell local handyman and island heartbreaker and the sparks flyI thought the book was well written The characters weren t that complex but they were still nicely written I liked the conclusion of the book and especially how Bree stands up to her ex fianc and friendI will definitely continue with the series since the setting of the books really makes this series This is super cute book I remember Miss Cabot book The Princess Diary It was a very entertaining YA novel No Judgments is a NA book And it is delicious I like the chemistry of that small town romance Drew and Brie are animal lovers who defided ti rescue every pets when their town get hits by hurricane I love how Brie character grows frim timid woman into a strong kick ass heroine Drew is brooding type of hero I like how slowly he opens up to Brie and falls for her There is no steamy naughty thing in this book Just a whole lot heart warming story 4 star. Has no choice but to accept from her boss’s sexy nephew Drew Hartwell the Mermaid Café’s most notorious heartbreakerBut when Bree starts falling for Drew just as Little Bridge’s power is restored and her penitent ex shows up she has to ask herself if her island fling was only a result of the stormy weather or if it could last during clear skies

Aring down on her new home in the Florida Keys Not even from hot but bossy carpenter Drew who thinks she should get out of dodge Because Bree is taking a stand For herselfBuckle up bitches because I have feelingsFirst of all please let me establish some minor street creds1 I have been through 3 hurricanes Irene Hermine Dorian and evacuated a fourth Florence All but Dorian were direct hits on my house as in the eye passed over where I lived2 Hurricane Michael obliterated my in laws house and destroyed a lot of my friends homes and businesses and my wife and I drove through the wreckage to find them five days later3 I ve been a part of state and county planning a very small eensy weensy part but still than this author in Florida and North Carolina for hurricanes4 My wife and her family have lived in the Florida Panhandle for generations They ve seen shitThe vast majority of my feelings for this book come from Bree and her attitude towards preparing for this stormI understand that the girl is a spoiled naive ninny but in the aftermath of Michael and being published two weeks after Dorian demolished the Bahamas the entire tone of this book just felt like it was exploiting a natural disaster for a love story It felt super wrong particularly with how the hurricane in this book was portrayedThe PreparationFirst of all Bree is an idiot Let s establish that right nowGranted she s an idiot who has been seriously emotionally abused sexually assaulted and gaslighted but that doesn t take away the fact that she s an idiotHer entire justification for refusing to evacuate and spreading lies to friends family and coworkers about her future whereabouts for the storm I m not being stubborn For once in my life I m standing up for myself and not running paraphrasedBitch it s not called running it s called being smart This is a category five hurricane with 170 mph winds bearing down on The Legacy of Aaron Geist you Nothing in the Florida Keys is built to withstand that and lemme just say that 20 feet above sea level is um not that high whenou re on a small islandAnd don t give me that bullshit about Prisoner of Night (Black Dagger Brotherhood, your beloved cat being sick and recovering from surgery and not traveling well soou can t leave Insectissimo! your home Nuh uh You have the means and the funds and the ability to leave Leave Trust me You re only puttingourself and Fields of Fire (Frontlines, your precious cat in dangerShe gives this excuse over and over and over and it s never convincing or a solid reasonAlso while the author does a good job capturing Floridians attitudes towards hurricanes she doesn t really do that great of a job portraying the storm preparation itself Or how county state town and federal officials and entities handle storms Whilees the water and utilities do get shut off before the storm particularly on islands what she didn t really mention was the mandatory curfews implemented before the storm itselfShe s got people evacuating to sheltersin the event of a hurricane of this magnitude there would probable be no shelters open in the direct path of the storm shelters are only open if they are rated to withstand the category of stormusually a cat 3 there are very few buildings rated to cat 5 wind speed much less storm surge There would be mandatory evacuations for everyone not Unfortunately I will have to pass judgement onto Meg Cabot s newest workNo Judgements is the story of Bree and Drew two twenty somethings that have elected to remain among other residents on a tiny island in the Florida Keys as a Category 5 hurricane bears down on themBree moved to the island after the emotional shocks of death of her father and a sexual assault from her then boyfriend s best friend She is incredibly unprepared to deal with any sort of inclement weather and is lucky to have made a new group of friends in the months leading up to the storm otherwise she surely would ve perished trying to prove how tough she is to herselfDrew is Bree s boss nephew recently out of a relationship and the victim of many a rumour about how he s the town bicycle which was so disturbing because almost all of our background players are related to him or are snowbirdsThe themes of this book read like a smoothie of news from the past few ears category 5 hurricanes sexual assault gun violence radio show conservative judges But all are handled so weirdly There s a scene in which Bree confronts her assaulter and I was sure I d somehow opened another ebook it was so out of place and such a bad example of gun usage This book seems to point to the heroism of weathering a storm rather than getting out while also minimizing the devastation of a category 5 I highly doubt anyone stuck in the paths of Katrina or Maria were hyped to be therethrowing lavish dinner parties leading up to it The lack of support around Bree following her sexual assault does seem on brand for what we know happens to victims but how does no one believe her Why does she have so many supportive friends in Florida and literally none in her home city of New York Bree s mom is a radio version of Nancy GraceJudge Jeanine and just such a bad mom but there isn t really any commentary surrounding what the outrage jockeys do to civil discourse she could ve just as easily been a Nancy O Dell knockoff or a society lady since having a wealthy famous mom seemed to be the only part that mattered I didn t understand the whole plot line of Bree being treated differently better because of who her mom is I don t think radio hosts generate the same level of sycophancy as TV hosts Maybe if it weren t modern times and radio was still where it was atDrew and Bree s interactions were cute and I liked the background characters but overall this was not an auspicious beginning to The Little Bridge series I ll still read the next one because I m trash for Cabot but I hope the series course corrects fr. Escaped one storm her emotionally abusive ex so a hurricane seems like it will be a piece of cakeBut animal loving Bree does become alarmed when she realizes how many islanders have been cut off from their beloved pets Now it’s up to her to save as many of Little Bridge’s cats and dogs as she can but to do so she’s going to need help help she.

Pdf Read No Judgments Little Bridge Island #1 · Meg Cabot – xermadeenfotos.org

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Raise the flag I won a giveawayConfession I have never read a Meg Cabot Now s a good time to startLoving this cover looking forward to having it on my shelves 2142019 I will ALWAYS read Meg Cabot She is ueen Cannot wait for this132020 Well it wasn t perfect But I flew through it and enjoyed it Sometimes that makes the perfect book Title No JudgementsSeries StandaloneAuthor Meg CabotRelease date September 24 2019Cliffhanger NoGenre contemporary romanceI can t believe this book ended up being such a disappointment I genuinely expected it to be a guaranteed hit based on the synopsis Here s a little bit of uick background information about me I m a Florida resident who has been here the majority of my life I ve lived through tons of hurricane scares and recently went through the uncertainty of Hurricane Irma which luckily ended up being only a category one as it passed by my city The point being this book seemed extremely relatable Unfortunately I couldn t find anything relatable about the main character Bree and by the end I struggled to even finish it For me this was just one huge mess Bree Beckham is a three month resident of Little Bridge Island Florida where she has moved after several recent events in her life have left her feeling unmoored and than a little lost The island was her happy place as a child a place where she spent many vacations with her parents so it makes sense she would return at a time when she needs comfort Though she s from a wealthy family she s self supporting and is currently working as a waitress to make ends meet She seemed okay at first but the first sign of trouble was chapter one The news is reporting that there s a potentially catastrophic hurricane heading their way and when her ex and mother start calling to urge her to take a flight out she responds petulantly as if they are over reacting She bluntly refuses all offers of transportation and goes radio silent on everyone Even after the storm when her mother was afraid for her life she callously disregarded her and procrastinated in calling to let her know that she was safe I understand that she s angry at both of them and rightly so based on what s revealed later However this screams of foolish pride when it comes to our own personal safety There are so many people that are financially unable to evacuate and forced to stay in unsafe conditions and she s acting like a defiant kid During every encounter with her friends and various town members she realizes that they are ALL evacuating They all offer her an opportunity to catch a ride with them to a safer spot She turns every one of them down with the excuse that she can t leave her cat I m sorry but she has the support and funds to find a pet friendly hotel room somewhere This is such a flimsy excuse Not only does she decline help time after time but she knows nothing about preparing for a hurricane and would have been in deep trouble had the storm hit them at projected strength She turned off weather reports because she didn t want to see the warnings she didn t realize that she could be without water and she had zero plans or precautionary measures in place in case of an emergency She had been planning to stay at her apartment in a flood zone without even bothering to sandbag outside for protection I guess what it boils down to is that perhaps I m too knowledgable about the topic for all of this nonsensical behavior to not bother me Luckily for her her bosses offer their mansion as a shelter with a generator and an endless supply of food She reluctantly agrees despite not wanting to impose on them Drew is her bosses nephew and apparent resident womanizer He has a reputation around town and Bree is not his biggest fan They uickly fall into bickering at every opportunity mainly because he likes to tease her about being a Fresh Water a newbie in town who is ignorant about life on the island For her to claim that she s some expert in living there is beyond laughable so her anger and protests make no sense I didn t feel as if these two had an ounce of chemistry or relationship development between them The majority of the book she s snapping at him for breathing and then ou literally turn the page and she s imagining herself in love with him Possibly since the first time she saw him she ponders Who knew After that point I really struggled to continue It seemed like everything out of Bree s head or mouth annoyed or frustrated me in the last half Things like Believing he was mansplaining to her about the Milky way when she admittedly knew nothing about it I call that a conversation where ou learn things That s not an insult to her womanhood Thinking that The Wedding (Lux, you weren t supposed to fall in love with guysou slept with They re supposed to be just for fun Meaningless sex is the only sexokay then Thinking fireworks went off in her shorts while making out Acting like an ungrateful know it all when Drew gives her advice or help I could tell ou needed rescuing is all I glared at him I did not need rescuing I never need rescuing Then there s the ending The heroine has three different unresolved issues from her past and each and every one of them are instantly solved when the four other people involved show to confront her view spoilerEven her biological mother whom her mother rounded up and brought with her Yes in the aftermath of a hurricane this is the moment she meets the woman who donated her DNA to her She also happened to be a veterinarian who offered her services with the animals Bree collected That is so unrealistically convenient hide spoiler City girl Bree has been enjoying life in Little Bridge Florida after fleeing from NYC her mother her boyfriend and The Incident She s revamped her life and image and isn t going to run any Not even with the storm of the century be. The storm of the century is about to hit Little Bridge Island Florida and it’s sending waves crashing through Sabrina “Bree” Beckham’s love lifeWhen a massive hurricane severs all power and cell service to Little Bridge Island as well as its connection to the mainland twenty five ear old Bree Beckham isn’t worried at first She’s already.

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