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A behind the scenes look at Trump s bizarre and increasingly unhinged second year in the White House It s easy to dismiss a lot of the tidbits in this book such as that Trump wishes he hadn t iven Don Trump Junior his name that he didn t want to visit his own recently born At Land grandchild in the hospital or that he makes fun of anyone with a mustache and his own dad Fred Trump who routinely belittled and humiliated him just happened to have a mustache But for worse or worser these items are now a part of the historical record because we the American people made the mistake ofiving this man the nuclear codes In many cases the point is not so much whether what was said was true but the fact that it was said at all After two years in office and really a lifetime of surrounding himself with codependent sycophants and fellow On the Run grifters that he will turn on at a moment s notice when it suits him Trump has no real friends or allies Everyone in his orbit is there toain money or power because Trump holds something over them or simply because no one else will hire them Staff run office pools about when and how Trump will The Price Of Blood (Phil Broker, go down they avoid meetings because they don t want to be subpoenaed to testify later and all the while they plot their exit And while I don t personally enjoy reading these kinds details I find them kind of depressing I don t think we should bury our heads in the sand either because we are so worn down from this circus like reality show That Trump talks to Sean Hannity several times a day is willing to make policy decisions based on criticism from Hannity and Ann Coulter and that he is outraged when Fox News says anything negative about him all have implications for the state of our democracy and the free press There is also aood chapter here on Kushner and how his attempts to use his position for personal Russian Winter gain have driven our nation s foreign policy It s been said many times before but we must never normalize this president The book has a happy ending at least for Trump in that to his surprise and the surprise of everyone else around him Mueller s final report played it relatively safe punting the hardest uestions to Congress and allowing Trump to live to fight another day But I think this victory will be short lived and that Trump s eventual downfall is inevitable In my opinion Trump will be remembered as one of history sreat deranged mad rulers How much damage he does is up to us and borrowing some words from my favorite Democratic primary candidate Pete Buttigieg I hope we can change the channel in 2020 Where Fire and Fury was all sly innuendo and fun Meg and the Mystery in Williamsburg (Meg Duncan, gossip with a dose of holy crap this man is an idiot Siege paints a farrimmer picture of not just a man but a family so venal that the Office of the President of the United States of America has essentially become a booth in a flea market for all sorts of influence peddlers and lobbyists The picture painted here is of an Office that was once the most highly regarded position in the world brought so low by not just the person occupying it but by the dregs of society he has surrounded himself with The conmen and hangers on the foul bigots the ones who would sooner spit on the Constitution as they would honour it and worst of all the ones using the office for monetary ain they have all by turn despoiled that Office and it is just a tragedy Wolff opens Siege by addressing the number one charge against him his sources He discusses ope Henry Holt will publish Michael Wolff s new book Siege Trump Under Fire on June 4 The book is a seuel to Wolff s 2018 bestseller Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House which went on to sell than a million hardcover copies according to NPD BookScan Stephen Rubin Holt s chairman bought the book from Andrew Wylie of the Wylie Agency John Sterling the editor of Fire and Fury will edit the new book which is embargoed until publicationFire and Fury launched book publishing s Not as informative as Fire and Fury This is mostly high class ossipChump is Putin s bitch What a contrast that was with Woodward s book Instead of high level leaks and national security Wolff s Siege is just pure ossipAnd that makes for an entertaining read The uy does know how to write There s Karen Pence drama Giuliani s drinking and behind the scenes family scuffles at Fox NewsFor the most part this book is comfort food for the resistance The president is always portrayed as a total idiot and there s a certain reassuring satisfaction in having that confirmed Apparently absolutely everyone around him thinks he is the absolute worst Even when criticizing the left and uoting Bannon and there is so much Bannon the overarching theme is still that the president is dumb as shit Another overarching theme is how all the people in his circle are constantly trying to steer and manipulate the highest office in the land with endless distractions and strategies and theorizing what makes that infamous reality show host tick And the reason they work so hard is of course so that they can save their careers That s about it when it comes to making the Kawaii Manga governmento round It ets very disturbing to hear about how all these people seem to be in it only for themselves Very seldomly do any of his inept kids or cohorts worry about what s best for the country and for the world More. Michael Wolff author of the bombshell bestseller Fire and Fury once again takes us inside the Trump presidency to reveal a White House under siegeWith Fire and Fury Michael Wolff defined the first phase of the Trump adm.

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Siege Trump Under Fire ë KINDLE author Michael Wolff – xermadeenfotos.org

Ludes the channel s impact on the Murdock family All the Murdock s dislike Trump Rupert can t et him off the phone fast enough the divisive issue is the money the channel brings inThere is some interesting color on Nikki Halley and the timing of her resignation You see the fragile position of Ivanka and Jared You also see Henry Kissinger attempting to benefit from Jared s position and lack of preparation for it Mitch McConnell is shown to know how to play Trump and seek cover The final chapter The Report has a portrait of Robert Muller that would never appear in the main stream media Either Wolff or Bannon or both see him not as a by the book Marine but as a cautious indecisive bureaucrat Very little is said of Robert Barr This is a must read for political junkies who have surely already read it or for those who are reasonably informed who want a interpretive and most likely realistic portrait of what is The Accursed going on than you canet i Have you watched the news on a semi regular basis over the past 2 years Have you ever read the president s tweets And lastly are you modestly intelligent and can make simple inferences based on what you watch read and listen to If the answer to all those uestions is yes then 95% of the information in this book will either already be known to you or you will have Pinkalicious: Merry Pinkmas! guessed it as muchWhat of the other 120 bits of data found in this book that may be new Wondered what Trump affiliated lawyer Sam Nunberg was doing prior to his bizarre incoherent history making 8 interviews in one day shattering the previous Full Ginsberg daily record of 4 news interviews during the Clinton Lewinsky affair Hint Snorting copious lines of coke off of a female prostitutes body part at least according to Steve BannonDid I want to know that No Could I haveuessed it from Sam Nunberg bug eyed performance during his interviews that day Probably Is this really important to et to the bottom of the whole mess that is the current administration PossiblyThe above actually accentuate the issues with the book Like the previous book Fire and Fury this book s value to the well informed reader is that adds much color to what may be oing on in the background of the current administration I write may because like the previous text it is highly suspected by many readers of both of Wolff s books that the primary and possibly sole source for most of this book is in fact Steve Bannon who is an unreliable conveyor of information at best In fact you can see Wolff in the background hanging out with Bannon during the November 2018 election night events in a scene from Allison Klayman s recently released an acclaimed documentary on Bannon The Brink which followed Bannon contemporaneously in the same time period as SiegeThe portrait we Swing Sideways get of Trump is not at all dissimilar to what is apparent from his public performance an extremely self centered individual who has little patience to read his briefings or study issues has bigoted mentalities frustrates everyone that works for him and has very little capacity to engage in long term or strategic thinking leading to poor decision making that diminishes US economic and political standing vis a vis other nationsWhat else is there According to Wolff Trump has claimed an encounter with Nicki Haley to leverage a Clintononian terminology for the act in uestion Wolff suggests this is just bluster and probably not true Though according to Wolff Trump has engaged in similar activity with subordinates when he was a businessman Other less salacious notes include the way his son in law has come to be the man in the wall of US diplomacy and how he has performed or not performed to the task How Trump s habit of blaming his subordinates for all failings in his leadership provokes animus against him from his administration Trump s habit of eating bologna his fear ofoing to jail which has recently flared up in public during his D Day 75th anniversary travels to Europe and other similar thingsYet again none of this will be a surprise to anyone who even just passively follows the news At best this book validates what one observes At worst it fills in details with tabloid rumorsNot to say that the story Wolff has written isn t entertaining There s much hilarity in this book in a The Wolf of Wall Street kind of way These books will make Wolf spectacularly rich one day when they re optioned and turned into a biopic dark comedy Assuming the remainder of the Trump years doesn t end up being profoundly tragic because of errors made by the administration on the world stageUnless you can The Secret of the Great Pyramid get this book in a severe discount or free one can probably hold off on it If you re entertained by reading about a three stooges like a team ofrifters a sort of anti Ocean s 11 and have nothing to read it may be a decent pickup I d suggest you could Dancing with Mr. Darcy get 90% of the same effect by just watching Steven Colbert s Our Cartoon President I made it through Chapter 13 Trump and Putin Helsinki oh my and then my hay feverish eyesave out for the day For understanding Trump and his crazy train this is better than Wolff s earlier book or Woodward s or Comey s In the first 12 chapters at least Wolff has surfaced forgotten stories and Lesca given new information on the Pences Guiliani McConnell and the Trump family With one of the most respected editors in. Ident isetting underway and ends with the delivery of the Mueller report Siege reveals an administration that is perpetually beleaguered by investigations and a president who is increasingly volatile erratic and expos.

Often they totally admit how unethical and often illegal the whole operation is and yet they must try their best to win Because it s their team or something This Sharpes Trafalgar goes most for Bannon who is basically the co writer of this book Heoes on and on and on about how stupid and insane his chosen president is but that s okay because he s fighting the so called establishment But after all those thousands of words Bannon never truly tries to explain exactly how his movement would make citizens lives better in any way He fights hard to win and the uestion of why is never addressed The furthest Bannon seems to be able to think is that he s against third world immigrants and he s against China Oh and the bad thing about democrats is that they only care about people in the margins Again it is not addressed what people at all his party cares about The conclusion is that the new far right is only against things and for nothingWhat horrible people Then the book ends on an anti climatic note due to the disappointment of the Mueller Report as we all know Wolff certainly assumes the inevitability of the coming downfall there s no uestion as far as this author and all his sources are concerned I most definitely do hope so myself But without a proper ending for the book as much as it s worth reading as a Fire and Fury seuel it simply doesn t feel like it has a proper endingNo doubt there will be at least a third in the trilogy and many will want to read and analyze the historical trainwreck of it all For this reader however I am left wondering why it is I keep coming back to these shitty Trmp books Heard about this book on PoliticalTwitter and I see Trump supporters are already one starring this baby in anticipation of its releaseFIRE AND FURY was a decent book but kind of badly edited pubic appearance instead of public appearance was one notable typo and it lacked a list of resources in the back I m hoping this one comes across as professional as then it d be a little harder to discreditSomeone find a way to make this fall into my hands and I ll review the shit out of it A President cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office That is unconstitutional Charging the President with a crime was therefore not an option we could considerRobert MuellerMichael Wolff will be under fire for sure Because the indictment documents just don t exist and Mueller has just resigned from the Department of Justice so he may return to private life These are terrible news for Jarrold Nadler No Mueller testimony in CongressGAME OVERhttpswwwualrpublicradioorgposthttpsamptheguardiancomus news2UPDATE Michael Wolff under firehttpsnewsyahoocomamphtmlconfro in Die ZeitUPDATE Michael Wolff just told an Australian network Donald Trump has no chance of re electionHmmm By 2020 there will be hell for someMichael Wolff should read thisFour reasons why Trump is cruising toward re electionin ain t over for Nadler and SchiffMueller to testify before House committees in Julyin I didn t finish Robert Woodward s Fear Trump in the White House because it read like a string of anecdotes In contrast Michael Wolff s earlier book Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House Punished gave a cohesive portrait of the Trump administration s culture While he is not embedded in Siege Wolff further perfects the Woodwardenre The Introduction His To Protect gives a portrait of Trump that holds throughout The chapters are topical most of them named for people but expandThere is a lot here than youet in the news Some of it is substantive such as a Republican near mutiny following Helsinki and some of it humorous such as staff takes on what Putin said to Trump to make him look so defeated The press would have you believe that Trump wanted Brett Kavanaugh on the bench but Wolff is clear that Trump wanted his own justice which is both humorous I know about attorneys I ve been firing attorneys for years and serious he wants someone who owes him not one from the Federalist SocietyWolff s background speculation fills in the blanks such as with both Trump and Stormy Daniels having reasons to keep their story private after all these years and her objections why was she paid off Wolff poses a Michael Cohen fix where he can skim off the top Wolfe ives the obvious answer about Guilani that you will not find in the news he drinksFF seemed to be Wolff host writing for Steve Bannon this new book is still heavy on Bannon but the Wolff voice comes through An example is the chapter on Manafort which begins For Bannon Manafort had long been an incomprehensible and comic presencea uintessential Trump sort of character useful and amusing to Trump as well as a potential mortal threat to him It Babys First Christmas (Christmas Is For Kids) (Christmas Is For Kids) (Harlequin American Romances, 754) goes on to say how Bannon and Manafort met and the times they interfaced The parts on Manafort s connections to Derpaska to Putin his trial and pardon vs witness strategies seem to be WolffWolff the author of The Man Who Owns the News Inside the Secret World of Rupert Murdoch seems to be the voice of the chapter Hannity which is a deeper look at Fox News Never the Woodward style stenographer Wolfe s ties Roger Ailes warning that the network shoulduard against being the administration s mouthpiece to the current situation where the 3 Fox talking head anchors have acknowledged that if Trump Ups, Kita Sudah Menikah? goes down theyo with him This chapter inc. Inistration; now in Siege he has written an eually essential and explosive book about a presidency that is under fire from almost every side A stunningly fresh narrative that begins just as Trump’s second year as pres.

Michael Wolff is an American author essayist and journalist and a regular columnist and contributor to USA Today The Hollywood Reporter and the UK edition of G He has received two National Magazine Awards a Mirror Award and has authored seven books including Burn Rate 1998 about his own dot com company and The Man Who Owns the News 2008 a biography of Rupert Murdoch He co founded

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