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EBOOK Sleep Has His House Peter Owen Modern Classic by Anna Kavan – xermadeenfotos.org

Ntrancing about Ice This is the sort of writing that leaves me reelingTinyLetter Morpheus the Greek god of sleep gave his name to the drug Anna Kavan long worshiped And despite the obvious dangers the drug threatens to one s health it s not difficult to see why it s effects tied as they are to sleep dreaming and imagination have long been alluring to artists rom De uincey to Trocchi Holiday to Hendrix Reed to Cobain In this interesting experimental suite of prose pieces Kavan explores sleep s house the images of her retreat through childhood and into young adulthood rom the daylight world of objectivity into her own interior dreamworldThe book has all of the beauties and difficulties of dreaming and madness I guess It s alluring most of the time and startling occasionally It s originality draws you in but of course doesn t uite hold your attention the same way that a traditional narrative does So whether its our ault A Wedding in Cornwall (Cornwall from being trained to appreciate standard narrative techniue throughamiliarity or because dream logic texts disjointed seuential images and Japan-Ness in Architecture free associations actually aren t as compelling as straight narrative it s just harder toollow than a traditional story It s a little tougher to stay engaged or the duration So the odd charms but also by defying logic contributes toward entropy than cohesion in the long run However at a mere 190 pages I was still interested and enjoying Sleep Has His House up to its conclusion even if the very nature of the text encourages one s mind to wander somewhatKavan s beautiful and terse descriptive prose style is abulous throughout helping to hold the different dream narratives together stylistically Also the short seemingly autobiographical introductions to each dream narrative help to Theoretical Anxiety and Design Strategies in the Work of Eight Contemporary Architects frame them into something slightly traditionally logicalcoherent While this could be something of a betrayal of the surrealist credo I think it helped here So we re not actually as the authorial voice seems to be utterly locked into the house of sleep Rather we re peeking in through a window watching the narrator disappear out of the sunlight deeper and deeper into that dark house of her personal dreams and nightmares Life is tension declares the author s Foreword starting this book which above all justifies Kavan s reputation as a powerful and uniue voice A semi autobiographical dream voyage told in a startlingly cinematic style it would be excellent materialor a David Lynch ilm already being close to a literary version of Inland Empire with some extraordinary images and scenes such as the Pythonesue Liaison Officer the ballet performance and the tale of the manikin Professor There is no whimsy here written in 1948 it also shows a clear awareness of concentration camps nuclear war political repression and the potential or a surveillance state spurious and manipulated rebellion propaganda and total war The writing is taut and propulsive running through a kaliedoscope of demented surrealist newsreel predating some of French experimentalists of the 50s In conclusion one of the greatest novels you ve never heard of I was tempted to give only 3 stars as I can t say it was a novel that The Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine floored me But seeing as I read it with a tiredlickering world Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine filled mind this lack of a strong connection may have been myault than hers Beautifully written as one would expect Six from Kavan and emotionally rich I just think it is one of those works where one needs to be in the right place to receive Sharpened or decoded by contemplation in the dark Revealing that side of life which is never seen by the waking eye but which dreams and drugs can suddenly emphasize this startling discovery illustrates how these nighttime illuminations reveal the narrator's joyor the living wor.

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D My home was in darkness and my companions were shadows beckoning Bandscheiben-Leiden - Was tun?: Mit den besten bungen fr den Alltag from a glass p101Sleep Has His House is aeast of language Glance at any page and you will Lady Janes Nemesis find a sentence or phrase uniue in its beauty The descending swell burns translucent livid swaths of lightall as if cut by a scythe Reflections A Texas Rangers Family (The Stone Family from silverware create smothered prismatic gleams through the gap between curtains a small moon uizzes coldly aigure beckons rom the sapphire recessive night and a huge spectral white owl with lambent eyes glides overhead Rarely have I encountered such painterly descriptions such vivid powerful imagesThe pre realist antasia opens up in an inchoate sort of Marie Laurencin dream of delicate tints No orm to speak of Just a pearly billowing and subsiding of ondant chromatics p28A sombre landscape eventuates worked out in blacks and greys and the very gloomiest shades of viridian A scowling sky ominous mountains water cold still and solid looking as ice trackless Before You firorests the A History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905 fine sprayrom the gigantic waterfalls Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, fuming slowly like ectoplasm p79B is often portrayed calmly reading a book In some scenes she sits and reads uietly as the story of creation unfolds around her as the monstrous efflorescence of the universe burgeons Here the backdrops are evocative not just of art but of cinema of the kind of visual effects impossible at the time Kavan was writingThere s a split second s glimpse of the vast sad blackness of infinity before the perfectly bare void is spattered by this glittering exsurgence this burstingountain of molecules instantly crystallizing to seuins of differing size the stars roar past like stratoliners to destinations not checked in uadrillions the thunderous revving of the cosmic machines settles to the steady beat of eternity p31The eye is checking a record of silence space a nightmare every horror of this world in its Stupid men jokes frigid and blank neutrality The actual scope of its orbit depends on the individual concept of desolation but approximate symbols are suggested in long roving perspectives of ocean black swelled in slow undulation each whaleback swell plated in armour hard brilliance with the moonlight clanking along it the endless aimless nameless shorelinelat bald white sand unbroken black tree palisade the heavy and horrid eternal onrush of breakers suddenly exploding their madness of Workbook for Emergency Care futile power millions of mad tons piling booming collapsing swirling in chain mail mosaic of mad moon splinters blanched mountain range a ridge of clenched knucklebones p89I think the above might be myavourite passage rom the book and also seems so perfectly representative of it the rich beauty of the description set against the bleak images it relates the overpowering sense of desolation of lonelinessYet as you can see rom the above depends on the individual concept of desolation Sleep Has His House possesses a sense of humour of sorts It is sometimes sardonic sometimes absurd remember a whatsit s whatsit may depend on your whatsit and some of what was presumably intended as near nonsense an expression of the limitless possibilities of the nightland now seems oddly prescient the radio announces various kinds of truth to suit every listener I have sometimes Macroeconomics found Kavan s short stories tough to get into and have wondered whether I would ever recapture the sense of amazement Ielt when I read Ice Out for theirst time Sleep Has His House brought that The Hero (Thunder Point, feeling back and reminded me of everything Iound so utterly Childhood adolescence and youth are described in what is defined as nighttime language a heightened decorative prose that Longarm and the Dynamite Damsel (Longarm, frees these eventsrom their gloomy associationsThe novel suggests we have all spoken this dialect in childhood and in our dreams but these thoughts can only be.

A progressive withdrawal rom the outside world rom sun and reality The Eight Human Talents from the true as accepted by consensus A retreat into oneself awayrom a comforting ersatz reality repeatedly rejected as unreal a duplicitous truth tarnished by tendrils of harsh A Vacation with the Lord falsity a retreat into a darkened inner womb world tomb world whichor this troubled brilliant writer voice seems to contain much personal truth than that beyond Or is the self as deceptive as the otherOh Anna Kavan is this as they say your murk shaded memoir of a childhood of resistance against the sun blind day you were pointed into by rough authoritative hands Or a novel of the welcome embrace of madness that stands just inside the threshhold of genius Your surrealist paint smears of recollection and dream reformed into a new narrative of determined escape Or an essay on the dangers of two universes that struggle constantly The Internet and Democratic Citizenship for domination in each of us without and within Is the bright and sun burned plaza or the noirest of under cellars the guilty of obfuscationAs impossible prose this is magnificent and even at its most delirious there seems enough outside attachment imposition to give it meaning It s a slippery half seen meaning yes one that Iind myself continually in struggle with Kavan Mr. Wuffles! for meaning that is aight to keep hold of against her continuous receding receding receding back along those shaded interior horizons without end But I can Cool Women feel the significance that lurks here anyway the burningly real precarious as its position may become And so this stands with Kavan s eveniner Ice I am sucker or its plotting and glacial imagery as example of the kind of surrealism whose reeling insanity never reels entirely beyond the pale of some kind of half elt or often Disintegration of Alan fullyelt urgent purpose And so keep retreating Anna I can still see you see you see you The stars have thrown their spears down and departed There seems to be nothing except primordial chaos outside the window Utterly still utterly alone I watch the darkness Foreplay (The Ivy Chronicles, flower into transient symbols And now there is danger somewhere a slow padded beat like cushioned paws softly approaching What an ominous sound that is to hear in the night p9Sleep Has His House is an extraordinary book one that defies description or at least it defies my powers of description It s ausion of novel memoir and literary experiment On the back cover of my copy it s said to have startled with its strangeness in 1948 it is no less startling or strange in 2020 though it s gratifying to know that it is now regarded as one of Kavan s best having been poorly reviewed on publication The narrative is largely composed of surreal dream scenes they are structured around the by all accounts somewhat autobiographical story of a girl known as B Sometimes writing in Murder in the Dark (Ishmael Jones, first person and sometimes observed B relates her conviction that human existence is divided between the day world and the mysterious language of the night As the day to day experience of her childhood becomes difficult B retreats into what she calls the night world or nightland I had to prevent the day worldrom becoming real she tells us I waited all through the day Unnützes Wissen für Gamer for the moment of going home to my night world This darkantastical space represents an escape Jesus Hates Zombies from the isolation B endures in her daily lifeAt school and at home it was the same I was alone This I accepted and knew it would always be so wherever I went and whatever happened to me There was no placeor me in the day worl. A classic later novel by Anna Kavan A largely autobiographical account of an unhappy childhood this daring synthesis of memoir and surrealist experimentation chronicles the subject's gradual withdrawal SAHM I Am from the daylight world of received reality Brieflashes of daily experience rom.

Anna Kavan was born Helen Woods in France on April 10 1901 to wealthy expatriate British parents Her initial six works were published under the name of Helen Ferguson her first married name These early novels gave little indication of the experimental and disturbing nature of her later work I Am Lazarus 1945 a collection of short stories which explored the inner mindscape of the psycholo