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S still haunt them They ll have to get passed the past before their love can fully grow The plot and subplots are well crafted The attention to etail is always impressive and satisfying Some series become redundant because of the same plot points repeated ad nauseum Ms Sands s Argeneau series isn t in this category Her tortured hero and heroine and their struggles to become than their pasts are so realistic the reader feels like they know them personally The pages tick by uickly as the reader immerses themselves into the story I Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women definitely recommend this series and this novel Lots of funny tons of steamy and loads of cute Santo is searching for a rouge that has torched and murdered when the leads him nextoor to Petronella Pet a history professor baby sitting her young but highly intelligent nephew After a little nudging from his Aunt by marriage Santo test to see if he can read Pet s thoughts and realizes that she is his life mate Pet uickly recognizes Santo and his family for what they really areimmortals and The Club of Angels discovers that they are on the hunt for a killer and both her and her nephew s lives are at stake When the home is invaded theanger level increases and Pet gets a great big target on her headSome would think that Santo has is easy since his very human life mate already knows about immortalsBUT he stumbles his way through wooing Pet Which made for some really good LOL situations and commentsI enjoyed The Trouble With Vampires It was fun fast and enjoyable read but not much has happened in the progression of the series with a uick closing to the storylineI received this ARC copy of The Trouble With Vampires from Avon Books This is my honest and voluntary review The Trouble With Vampires is set for publication April 23 2019My Rating 35 starsWritten by Lynsay SandsOn Sale Date April 23 2019Ship Date April 2 2019ISBN 9780062855176 0062855174Mass Market 400 pages799 USD 1099 CADFiction Romance Paranormal Noble This is a good one I enjoyed it immensely with one caveatI Blue Skies and Gunfire don t think it s Lynsay s fault but I listened to the audiobook and there was one thing about it thatetracted from the experience Marguerite is portrayed by the reader as having an Italian accent which is wrong Yes her husband is Italian at least as much as someone who was born before there was an Italy or an Italian language could be Somehow the reader and the producers of this audiobook id not get that memo and it lessened my enjoyment of the book particularly since Marguerite is one of my favorite characters I refuse to fault the book itself for this since nowhere oes it actually say that she is ItalianOverall this was a fun rousing adventure with the usual romance as another worthy finds his life mate everything you could want in another installment of this fine series Just to be fair I should admit that I can never be impartial about these books since they will always hold a special place in my heart I 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 don t think I need to go on and on about that but I have a few thoughts and observations I like to throw inIt makes sense that in a series about a bunch of immortals the past looms large over everything A number of these books has had horrible past experiences come back to haunt the main characters In this case both Santos and Pet have nightmarish stuff in their pasts the kind of things that would at the very least leave you emotionally scarred for life or at worst completely insane Lynsay isn t big on explosions but she can sure Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, deliver the goods when it comes to horrific historiesSo now we have a Chinese martial arts expert whose name is Petronella Stone which should get high marks for originality CoolBoth Pet and her sister are technically illegal immigrants a nice touch in the xenophobic zeitgeist of our current age I love to see ICE come after them That would be funThere was a nice curveball at the end That mysterious guy who was trying to break into Parker s room and who attacked Pet at her apartment turned out to be Pet s brother in law Meanwhile the evil Dr Dressler escapes to create mayhem in another bookI guess Parker is used to not having friends his own age He is not likely to find many among the immortals given how rarely they reproduce Maybe Livy is somewhere around his age You never know with the way time passes in booksI really hope that uinn gets through the turn okay and manages to adjust Since she s Pet s twin I have no Born Fighting doubt she could make an excellent focus for a future book We ll be hearing from the Brass Circle in future books Bet on itThe power of serviceogs is Dr. Simon Forman displayed at the end of this story A nice touch Also we see a practical use for sharedreams aside from the usual oneAnyway I enjoyed this one uite a bit I always enjoy stories where a painful past is put in its place and the future looks bright. ?s no mistaking the mind blowing mutual pleasure they share But as Pet struggles to protect her nephew from a anger lurking too close to home Santo realizes there’s another threat to her safety him And claiming their passionate future will be impossible until he leaves his past behind foreve.

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epub ebook The Trouble With Vampires Argeneau #29 BY Lynsay Sands – xermadeenfotos.org

Ok That s it no argeneaus for me Not my favorite Lynsay Sands but not the worst either Pet wasn t too bad her nephew was cute But I couldn t get into this one as much as others It s still an enjoyable series 4 starsThis was a very good story I liked Santo and Petronella and enjoyed their story Petronella is a history professor that has an unusual background Petronella aka Pet grew up in China and was the step aughter to an immortal Pet s family was killed except for a sister and after the both moved to the US and were adopted Pet is single and her nephew is the closest she has to a kidSanto is a civil engineer for his family s construction business and is also is in a band with his cousins Santo is also an Immortal which are humans from the city of Atlantis that have nanobots that give them traits that are similar to the vampires of legend including their need for blood Santo is in the US and is helping with a Rogue situation When the story begins Pet is staying at her sisters place to watch her nephew Parker while his parents are out of town Pet and Parker uickly meet some new people staying on their street Marguerite Argeneau her husband and a few cousins and Santo is one of the cousins Pet knows about immortals and her experiences haven t always been good so she freaks when she recognizes what Marguerite and her family are Marguerite realizes the issue A Wartime Nurse due to her ability to read minds and reassures Pet that they re no bad immortals and are only there because they re hunting a rogue that they believe is in the area Pet is comforted by Marguerite s reassurance and the family s actions in general but she s worried about the rogue nearby and her need to protect Parker Santos tries to get close to Pet but he s had a rough past and it s made him rather solitary and very laconic His lack of communication skills cause issues with Pet though and Santos has to step out of his comfort zone to make any progress with Pet There israma part from the rogue issues and some from Pet s own issues combined with the interpersonal issues that arise as Santo attempts to court her Thankfully everything gets worked out and the story ends with Santo and Pet happily together and heading towards and HEAThis was a very enjoyable story I liked Pet pretty well She was a good heroine but made some moves I thought were caused by plot needs than anything Santo was a good hero once he learned to talk hehe There were a few points in the story that Split didn t see completely wrapped up and that bothered me a bit but it wasn t anything too major Overall I enjoyed the story very much and liked the characters so I would recommend it and the series note I listened to the audio version of this story and the narratorid a very good job The story started off well enoughfor the first few pages Soon into the novel it started feeling like erotica than a fantasy novel The relationship was intended I believe to be passionate but there is no build up in the relationship save for physical attraction I get that she is his life mate and he s supposed to be smitten but I can t accept how 60% into the book all the characters have When Stories Clash done is think about sex perform sex or almost have sex There is a few points in the backstory but sex is so prevalent in the book that I found myself skipping the sexual scenes after the first three just to see when action related to the initial story line would take place I gave up on the book along the way I liked the book when i first started it because it was a somewhatifferent storyline nanites making people immortal versus old fashioned biting the reason why sun harms them etc But the focus on sex in EVERY moment is too much I ended up putting the book Sword of Honour Second To None down and not continuing This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceThe Trouble With Vampires is the latest release into the Argeneau series and I can t believe we are almost on number 30 in the series Its incredible to see the growth in this series and you knowits not boring I am still having a fun time with this world that Lynsay Sands has built This book features Santos story and a bit of a twist with the heroine that isn t the norm for what we see in this series normally so I had a fun time seeing Santos figure out what too with his lifemateThe Trouble With Vampires begins with our heroine and her nephew who are in a very The Extra Cadaver Murder delicate situation involving a rogue vampire Petronella is taking care of her nephew while his parents are out of town for the week But her nephew suspects that somethiing bad is going on with their nextoor neighbor Petronella knows the truth about vampireimmortals Petronella lost all but one sister to rogue vampires when she was just a girl and she is still haunted by those memories But when a group of good vampires come to handle the si. For close to three thousand years the imposing impossibly handsome Santo Notte has fought in armies across the world and battled his own personal enemies Of all the places he might expect to encounter his life mate a uiet corner of upstate New York oesn’t seem likely But as soon as he makes.

Tuation with their next oor neighbor she runs into Santos Santos is one of the oldest vampires at living three thousand years and never expected to find his lifemate but then he runs into a woman needing his help and Petronella is his mate and now he is at a loss He has to talk and make conversation he is confussed by the courting rituals of the modern era and plus they have a rogue vampire to hunt own Both Petronella and Santos have much in common than they realize but they will both learn that being lifemates isn t always the easy roadI found The Trouble With Vampires to be a sexy and fun read that only Lynsay Sands elivers plus a sexy Italian hero and YUMMY I have become really impressed with how this author has written these books and Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society developed this world and somehow I haven t become bored with itnot even when being on book 29 So CHEERS to Lynsay Sands for her storytelling talent that strikes a chord with this reader There were so many uniue elements that made this story grand but what reallyid it for me was the relationship between Santos and Pet Neither of them have had easy lives and both have suffered some severe trauma so we see how this has affected their characters and their relationshipBoth our characters have some serious lessons to be learned if they want to make a relationship work Our hero Santos is OLD as time almost He mostly is this big warrior who just grunts a lot and Um Fogo Eterno doesn t really talk ever But when he finds Pet he realizes he might need to carry on some conversations if he wants to convince Pet to take a chance on him as his lifemate Pet now she has her own issues that she needs toeal with and we see how she has to face up to her past in some Lawn Boy Returns difficult ways But with Santos being an immortal sheoes understand the life than the regular mortal and I love how open she is with him She Yolandas Genius doesn t shy away from his life or what being his lifemate could mean Seeing them find their own journey together was priceless and I was all for the ride of bumps that they carry you on including the precious successes that we see them overcomeOverall I found The Trouble With Vampires to be a vampire romance that is packed with thrilling suspense an evolving world a sexy Italian hero and a sassy heroine who both takes us on a journey of growth maturity and a powerfully fight for love andeternity This one was just ok for me Iidn t really feel the I love you now lifemate connection that usually happens with couples in this series Instead I was interesting on both Pet and Santo s past Pet because she knew about Immortals and Santo because of all the horrible things that happened to him I thought the ending was a bit over the top with what happened to Pet s family but am looking forward to seeing what happens to them I was kind of meh on this one I idn t particularly like either of the main characters And I m not even sure why Santo Notte has lived nearly three thousand years He works for the Notte Construction Company as an engineer He s presently volunteering as an immortal Enforcer With his cousin Zanipolo and a family friend Justin Bricker and Julius and Marguerite Argeneau Notte uncle and aunt they are watching Max Purdy s house to catch Dr Dressler He is a top priority target because he knows about and has experimented on immortalsuinn Peter calls her twin sister Petronella Stone to watch over her son Parker when her husband Patrick changes his plans on the week she has to attend a conference Petronella Pet packs a bag and comes right over Parker goes to school and Pet a history professor teaches classes Parker is worried about Mr Purdy He s been acting strange and has not been taking care of his prize garden Plus his cat Mrs Wiggles is hiding at Parker s house Julius Marguerite Santo Zanipolo and Justin come over to meet the Peters family Pet introduces herself and Parker She takes notice of Santo because of his height and the width of his shoulders She also recognizes the group as immortals but she oesn t know if the are good or bad immortals That night Pet locks the house up tight She stays up til midnight reading an ebook After getting a glass of water she walks by Parker s bedroom and hears growling Opening his The Light Beyond the Forest door she notices the cat growling and hissing on his bed Next she sees aark silhouette trying to get in through Parker s bedroom window Parker wakes up and screams Pet gathers up Parker the uilt and the cat and rushes to the bathroom where her cell phone is charging Telling her nephew to The First Mistake dial 911 Pet starts to leave when Parker screams no She comes back into the bathroom closes theoor and Jewelry Making For Beginners duals 911 I haven t been reading this series in order but this book easily could be a standalone Both main characters have horrible past histories Both have tried to move on but those historie. Contact with history professor Petronella Stone while huntingown a suspected rogue immortal he knows that she will be the greatest adventure of his eternal lifeHe expects her to be surprised confused even overwhelmed What he oesn’t expect is that Pet has a secret history of her own There?.


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