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O Want to read of this author s work ovely Allison a school teacher is furious Colt the The Einstein Theory of Relativity local sheriff has two of the wildest children Today they made her fall at the merchant s office Her glasses are broken and she s humiliated She marches into Colt s office to thrown down an ultimatum He needs to get his children under control or she will not teach next year Colt doesn t react well to his children being cast in a negativeight When their boss hears about their behavior he gives them a task They must both work together to come up with a solution or they both How to Negotiate Your First Job lose their jobsThe story was sweet and fun Both characters were very endearing and captivating While not sup You expect the sheriff to be a no nonsense kind of guy But with his children he s anything but Widowed he feels sorry for his kids andets they get away with what he perceives as pranks Until the day the schoolmarm takes him to task in her soiled dress and broken hatShe teaches him about children parenthood making a home for children and being a better man as well as fatherHow can he resist He wants to make her his wife She suspicious why Just so she l cook and clean for him So he won t have to be responsible as a father if the step mother is in charge How will she respond to him This third visit to Wolf Creek is a delightful pitting of the heroine s wits against not only two precocious children but also their father It s not hard to empathize with the hero and the help he needs with his family RT Book Reviews 4 12 stars Could have wrapped up a ittle uickerbetter but it was worth a read. E concerns of the only schoolteacher in Wolf Creek That is until he meets the striking Allison whose infectious smile warms his heart Could she be the mother figure his children have always wantedand the wife he so ongs fo.

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Otherless childrenA journey of several people with self esteem issues Allison thinks shes fat and homely Cole sees himself as a failure with his family Brady Cole s son can t read and fears he is stupid and Cilla is determined no one is going to hurt her brother God has a plan for these struggling individuals a plan for a hope and a future God has a plan for you too Surrender your ife to Jesus and watch God move in your The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore life He will turn yourife around I Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber liked the fact that both Colt and Allie have different insecurities that cause them problems when they fall for each other Colt is worried that women won t accept him and his children Allie thinks no one will find her attractive The best part of the novel however centered around Colt s two children The change in his kids from sabotaging his relationships to him to Allie was well done Super cute bookiked the characters and the story a New Exploration lot Looking forward to the next books in this series Wolf Creek Father is the third book in the Wolf Creek Series by Penny Richards Very good book Allison Grainger is a school teacher She has problems with single dad Sheriff Colt Garretts two children Allison is aittle plump She doesn t think any guy would The Shaping of Western Civilization love her for herself Aot goes on in this story A must read I really enjoyed this clean historical romance There was a ot to this story It kept moving and pulling me along A couple of broken people afraid to take a second chance Add a couple of children to the mix and it gets real interesting Add a ittle danger and it ups it a notch I really enjoyed the ending to. S forced to work with the prickly The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles lawman the handsome widower and his children prove to be both charming and the perfect complement to her ownife Colt Garrett is too busy taming the West and his children to worry about th.

This is the third book in Penny s Wolf Creek series I enjoyed this book very much I might have to get those first two book because I really Medicine and Religion liked her writing This book is very humorous well written and heart warming I know you are going toove it It will make you The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, laugh and it will make you cry and it was very hard to put it downSheriff Cole Garrett has two children that are out of control He knows it and so does the entire town He needs a wife but they have run off every woman he has shown interest in His children attack the spinster school teacher his son pushes her down and his daughter steps on her glasses and her new hat This feistyittle red head barges into his office and screamed at him His natural reaction was to scream back at her After she Valentino leaves he goes to find his children and have a talk with them After his talk and their apology to their teacher he makes aist of all the eligible women in town putting Allison on the bottom of the ist When the mayor hears of the whole situation Cole finds his job on the ineSchoolteacher Allison Grainger has moved to Wolf Creek to teach She Shunned loves theittle town and has no desire to eave except when she thinks about having the Garrett kids for another year She is content to be a spinster She is not ike her beautiful sisters Her one time best friend that she believed she would marry took off and married another She was now content to teach other people s children and Oba, the Last Samurai live a uietife After her attack and her Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, loosing her temper with the sheriff she finds her job in jeopardy She sets out to help these poor A Wife for the Sheriff Schoolteacher Allison Graingeroves educating the children of Wolf Creek Arkansas She's nearly at her wit's end though when it comes to Sheriff Colt Garrett's two unruly youngsters But when Allison

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